Easy to install holder with capability of holding up to 4 CO2 cartridges providing fast access in the event of a flat and enabling other items to be carried in your bag. Item being discontinued

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Features & Benefits

  • VERSATILE MOUNTING - The X-STRIKE will mount on the rear of the XLAB CARBON WING, DELTA WING and SUPER WING. It will also install on any standard water bottle cage mount
  • STORAGE SAVER - The X-STRIKE mounts to your hydration carrier, saving space in your storage bag for your cell phone, nutrition and other important items. It will hold up to 4 CO2s in 12, 16 or 20g sizes
  • FAST ACCESS - The versatile X-STRIKE provides fast access for rapid repair. No more searching in bags for your cartridges. Simply unscrew, attach and inflate
  • SECURE - The X-STRIKE has a unique built-in Anti-Reverse rubber ring located at the bottom of the threads to prevent cartridges from loosening


  • X-STRIKE mount
  • 2 AIR STRIKE CO2 Cartridges 16g
  • Hardware


Die-Cast Alloy


Kit with 16g CO2s: 80 grams


1 Year Warranty on Mount and Air Strike CO2 Cartridges

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