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Want to sell the World's #1 Pro's Choice for Aerodynamic Hydration and Storage Systems?

Craig Alexander and Pete Jacobs are only a handful of triathlon professionals who have taken their most treasured XLAB products to 27 World Championships! At this time, we’d like to bottle up our success (okay, okay, pun intended) and send it your way to help you increase your sales.

Follow these 4 simple steps to become an XLAB Dealer today!
Step 1 ­ Complete the 4 items below and fax them to (760) 735-2855.
  1. Blanket Certificate of Resale
  2. Credit Card Authorization
  3. Dealer Questionnaire
  4. Seller’s Permit or Business License

Step 2 ­ Once we receive the items above, our sales department will be in contact with you and get you set up with the New Dealer Starter Kit.

Step 3 ­ Review the New Dealer Starter Kit PO and add or change products as you see fit.

Step 4 ­ Call us at (760) 735-3215 or reply to our email to confirm your initial order.

Here are some quotes from a few of our XLAB dealers:

“Burning through the Deltas!”
-Brian at Triple Sports Triathlon

“Thanks for the great service and products!”
-Scott at The Tri Shop

“You were right on the Carbon Wing in White. Sold it within 24 hours!”
-Ryan with Kompetitve Edge

“The overall quality and assortment of XLAB products are excellent! I didn’t expect every product I order to sell here in Denmark, but they do.”
-Hans, DDTech in Denmark

We look forward to working with you for an extremely successful partnership!

Phone: 760-735-3215
Fax: 760-735-2855

Stop guessing

We've done 25 years of legwork in aerodynamics to get you faster bike splits.
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