Welcome to our online support section. Whether you have questions on XLAB products, want to find helpful tips on our products, or need further information, you can find your answers here. If you need additional help, please contact us directly.

Why Should I Choose XLAB?

Confused on what you need, who you can trust, and which brand of products to buy? It is confusing when some quote their Velodrome or Wind Tunnel results and yet have absolutely no aerodynamic experience to control their tests accurately. While other products are not well engineered to have a good ergonomic fit and be highly reliable. It starts with properly understanding your needs, followed by innovative solutions, then design to Aircraft Standards and scientifically test by experienced Aerodynamically qualified engineers and finally the world’s top athletes.

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How Do I Get a Spare Part?

Any of our retailers can order a spare part for you. Otherwise, you can order directly from one of our Official Spare Part Suppliers.

What Are Your Warranty Terms?

Depending on the product you have, we offer at least 2 years of limited warranty support. To learn what warranty you have, please visit our warranty page.

Registering My XLAB Accessory

There are many advantages of registering your product. Not only will you receive quicker response times for warranty issues and be one of the first to know about new XLAB developments, but you will also be a part of the XLAB Movers. This special group helps us develop new products that fit your lifestyle & needs. Register today.

Compatibility Check

Is my saddle compatible with this carrier or does this carrier fit my bike? If you are asking these questions, check out our list of all the items we have tested with our products. Compatibility Check page.

What Do I Need to Know When Choosing a Carrier?

Confused by the options on the market today when it comes to hydration carriers? We list 8 tips on why XLAB is the best choice in our Top Tips.

Installation Tips

Each XLAB product comes with detailed installation instructions, but before you delve into them, explore our top installation tips.

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